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Strategic Operations Management - 6161 Words

Table of contents 1) Introduction 3 2) Value Chain in the Airline Industry 3 2.1 The Generic Value Chain in the Airline Industry 3 2.2 The Importance of different Operational Value Adding Activities 6 3 Operations Strategy 7 3.1 Determinants of the Operations Strategy 7 3.2 The Operations Strategic Objectives 8 3.3 Operations Strategy 10 4 Operations Management 10 4.1 Process Design 10 4.1.1 Process design 10 4.1.2 Supply Network Design 12 4.2 Planning and Control 13 4.3 Improvement 14 4.3.1 Operations Improvement 14 4.3.2 Failure Prevention and Recovery 15 4.3.3 Quality Planning and Control 16 5) Outlook: Challenges for Operations Management in the Airline Industry 18 6) References 19 1 Introduction The†¦show more content†¦In the transformation process, value is added to the end product by both primary and support activities. The support activities include infrastructure, human resource management and inbound/outbound logistics. While the primary activities consist of marketing, sales services, supply network management, technology development and operations. In this transformation process, value is added to the end product by both primary and support activities. In the airline manufacturing industry, the most important primary areas of the intra-company value chain of the lead firms are Marketing and Operations, as highlighted in the table below. Value Adding Activities of the Aircraft Manufacturer Figure 1: Typical value adding activities for a commercial aircraft manufacturer Primary Activities Marketing, sales and services: This part is one of the most important because it identifies through research what is the demand and where value can be added and transformed into a point of difference. This way value can be added andShow MoreRelatedStrategic Management Aspects Of Operations Management Essay2037 Words   |  9 Pages Strategic management of demand Evan Bledsoe BUS! 310 Prof. Jeannine Bennett Liberty Online 12/12/2016 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ASPECT OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Introduction Strategic management is majorly the work of the highest-level management which involves perpetual planning and implementing objectives of an organization in line with its resources and taking in consideration areas of competition such as internal and external environment (Pearce, Robinson Subramanian, 1997). StrategicRead MoreTo What Extend Is Operations Management a Strategic Activity? Be Sure to Give Examples and Views of Literature.1791 Words   |  8 PagesTO WHAT EXTEND IS OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT A STRATEGIC ACTIVITY? Be sure to give examples and views of literature. Paton, Clegg, Hsuan and Pilkington, (2011), defined Operation management as the activity of managing the resources of the organization that deliver goods and services. The activity is mainly to implement system and processes that are repeatable, consistent and reliable. Process design was first introduce by Frederick Taylor, who believe in rationalism and who wrote rules and proceduresRead MoreStrategic And Value Of Operations Management1599 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Brown, Bessant, and Lamming (2013) indicate that â€Å"Operations management is concerned with those activities that enable an organization to transform a range of basic inputs into outputs for the customer† (p. 4). Operations management is not about limited functions within a company, but rather, it is about expanding its activities in numerous other areas and sectors (e.g. company-wide) in order to meet the needs of the company, customers, shareholders and stakeholders. This case studyRead MoreStrategic And Operational Levels Of Operations Management Essay1530 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Operations Management manages the outline and administration of items, procedures, administrations and supply chains. It considers the securing, advancement, and usage of assets that organizations need to convey the merchandise and administrations their customers need. The furnish of OM reaches from key to strategic and operational levels. Agent key issues incorporate deciding the size and area of assembling plants, choosing the structure of administration or information transfers systemsRead MoreStrategic Operations Management Case Study1788 Words   |  8 PagesMGMT7.04 Strategic Operations Management Case Study 1 Due Date: 20.03.2015 Structure 1. Introduction 3 2. Hagen Style’s important operations resources 3 3. Hagen Style’s market requirements 4 4. Courses of action 5 4.1 Three alternative courses of action 5 4.2 Evaluation and justification of courses of action 6 5. Recommendation 6 References 8 List of figures 8 1. Introduction Hagen Style was a firm which sold kitchen equipment, tableware and small gadgets. It was a very strongRead MoreThree Concepts Of Operations Management877 Words   |  4 PagesConcepts of Operations Management Business Models â€Å"Operations and project managers must be attuned to the characteristics of the organization and the demands placed on them to increase efficiencies and effectiveness† (Satterlee, 2013, p. 237). It is within these characteristics and demands that you will find the three most important concepts of operations management and business models, total quality management (TQM), project management and operations management. Operations Management Read MoreProduction and Operation Management864 Words   |  4 PagesProduction and Operation Management Cheng Guoping Chapter 1 Introduction 1. Production System 2. Production and operations in the organization 3. Function and jobs of POM 4. Decision Making in POM 5. The emergence of production and operation management 1. Production System Production and operation management (POM) is the management of an organization s production system, which converts input into the organization s products and services. 1.1 Production system model Inputs Read MoreOperations Management for Mcdonald963 Words   |  4 PagesBachelor of Science Operations Management Pre course assignment Intake: BSc14L Student Name: Wu Linlin Student Number: 10287698 Lecturer: Professor Brian Fynes Dr. Chang Chen Sheng Date of Submission: 21 February 2012 For the fast food chains, it is no doubt that McDonald s is successful in the world. It is known to all from children to elder. This is closely relevant to organization operation that produces food and services. Operation plays an importantRead MoreOperational Management quiz 11500 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Uitwerkingen vragen Operational Management toets 1 Copyright: BartThom Signs and symbols in a service facility are helpful because they: Reduce anxiety with waiting Cause customers to spend more money per visit Cause employees to be more helpful Orient customers and promote acceptable behaviour Using the SREDEDIM method, if you had to monitor to see if the conditions had changed which step would you perform: Install a new method Examine the facts Maintain new method Select the work method RecordRead MoreThe Fundamental Elements Of Toyota Company1641 Words   |  7 PagesToyota Company. These include its supply chain management, inventory management and operation management. In each item, it discusses the faced by each and provides appropriate measures that should be employed to make such process a success in the company s operations. A company that is using the three elements appropriately makes its operations easy alongside improving its chances profit making. Therefore, such items are significant for the operation of the company. Introduction TMC (Toyota Motor

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